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Gimp Fist interview (English version)

ALM. Hi, can you introduce the band telling us the name, age, instrument and job of each member?

Gimp Fist. Jonny: Vocals/Guitar, 33.
Chris: Bass guitar, 47.
Michael: Drums, 36.

ALM. I have heard you are close to releasing a Split-CD with Last Rough Cause… Can you tell us about how it become a project and if there will be any changes or “surprises” in your style?

G F. Last Rough Cause are good friends of ours. We have known them for years and played lots of gigs together.

There're no surprises at all on the split. We've done a cover of a Last Rough Cause song and likewise, they've covered one of ours. On our new album, however, to be released later this year, we've added a couple of more up-tempo songs to mix it up a little. It's still in our usual style but just a bit faster.

ALM. I know that you tried some time ago to play with two guitars. In your “The place where I belong” record If I didn’t know that you were a trio I would think you were a quartet because you doubled the guitars’ plucks. Have you thought to add another permanent guitar member again (to get a powerful sound)?

G F. We tried two guitars a long, long time ago when we first started out as Gimp Fist. This didn’t really work for us so we carried on as a three piece. We try to keep the record like it would be played live and we really only overdub guitar solos. That's the beauty of going into the studio and making a record. We've been a three piece for too long to change things. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Plus we don't really do anything complicated enough to justify having two guitars.

ALM. Has the Nidge Blitz Tribute just been released? How did you get involved in it? Have you seen them in the past (original members, with Nigel only, or when Steve from Red Alert was singing or another time…)?

G F. As far as we know it is going to be released this year but you would have to ask Lars at Hasscontainer as he is the only person who would know for sure.

ALM. I hate right wing and nazi bands but I don’t agree either with how people are classifying some groups as right wing, grey zone or nazi. I think Gimp Fist had some problems like that (for eg. in a German blog) although you have taken a stand as an antifascist band. Can you tell us your opinion about it and why you think the right wing scene in England is increasing?

G F. If people actually took the time to read our lyrics instead of jumping to conclusions and stereo-typing, they would see what Gimp Fist stand for.
We're 3 working class lads with working class beliefs. End of. We shouldn't have to keep justifying ourselves to people all the time!

ALM. However, I was very surprised when I saw your Help for Heroes appearance because you have a few anti war songs. After I read about other H4H concerts where right wing bands or even nazi groups were involved (4 Skins’ Blood and Honour security…), can you tell us why you support these events?

G F. Just because we believe that was is wrong and destructive doesn’t mean we don’t want to support people whose lives are affected by it. We are supporting the soldiers and not the government’s decision to go to war.

ALM. I think Gimp Fist have played different times abroad. What places did you play in? How was the band accepted? Do you know something about the music scene from Spain? Have you heard any bands?

G F. We have played a number of times in Germany and love it every time. We also have played in Italy with some friends of ours. We have never been to Spain but would love to visit one day.

ALM. Although you prefer small concerts, I would like you to tell us about how it works at a big festival like Rebellion… For example, the sound, I think that the only bands who soundcheck are the headliners, right? Does the organization pay the small groups or provide them with accommodation? Can you explain to us about some funny backstage anecdotes in these types of events where so many bands are playing?

G F. We don’t usually get a full soundcheck at the larger gigs, only a line check, usually the sound guys are really good, experienced professionals who know how to get the best sound from a band.

Usually we do get paid for playing but in the UK, but promoters don’t book accommodation, that is down to the band to do. Last year we were backstage at Rebellion and it was nice to see Vinny Stigma from Agnostic Front handing out chocolate to all the ladies!

ALM. To finish, a little questionnaire or your opinion about:
- Your best/worst concert ever: We always love playing live. Some gigs are better than others but as a band you always give your best performance because you are there to entertain people. The second time we played Rebellion we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people that turned up to watch us. Also the first time we played Aachen, Germany with our friends Urban Rejects, Bovver Boys, Down the Drain and Evil Conduct.

- Three bands (alive or not) you would like to play with: The Clash, Rancid, Blitz.

- Three bands not UK/ American/Australian: Evil Conduct, Stomper 98, Droogiez.

- Three bands that don’t sing in English: Stomper 98, Agent Bulldog.

- Rancid or Old Firm Casuals: Rancid AND Old Firm Casuals! There are 3 of us in the band and we all have different tastes!

- Cock Sparrer or Stiff Little Fingers: Cocksparrer.

- The Redskins: Good songs but too political for our taste.

- Anti Fascist Action: Our beliefs are anti-fascist but music should be music, not politics.

- Workers Trade Unions: We are all paid up members.

- Condemned 84: No comment, for a band that we have no interest in.

- English Defense League: Using patriotism to cover up fascism. We dont agree.

- Hooliganism: No opinión.

- Monarchy: Whether you like them or not, it’s part of our history and heritage.

ALM. Thanks, It’s time to tell us anything that has been left out and say goodbye...
G F. Good night and Goodbye!


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